Want Justice, Peace and Planetary Survival?

Then let's protect our activists!


Activists are the first responders to injustice, standing up and speaking out to protect endangered people and planet, demanding peace, equality and liberation, carving out spaces in the belly of the Beast to begin creating the new world now.

How can we create a safer climate for activists, who fight to transform the unjust system–the Beast–from inside its perilous belly?   


Beast on top of Earth

Protect Our Activists works to:

  • Raise consciousness about the nature of activism and activist movements
  • Help foster a climate of understanding, safety, love, connection and support for folks taking action to create a more just and compassionate society
  • Focus attention on the importance of portraying activists fully and fairly, especially in fiction
  • Engage our community in discussion about the activist experience
  • Create participatory lists of activist community resources

Understanding activists and the
activist experience

Promoting truthful
portrayal of our people in fiction

Activists need Helping promote a climate of love, understanding and safety for activists, standing up for those who stand up for justice, protecting those who protect the vulnerable.

Our Work Centers on...

Ignorance and misconceptions endanger activists in many ways, from annoying to deadly. Greater general understanding of the nature of activism helps protect us; better understanding of our own experience as activists is just as essential to our wellbeing.

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Activists fight for full and fair representation of oppressed groups, yet activists are also marginalized, maligned and stereotyped. Full and fair representation, especially in fiction, can help create a safer, more understanding climate for activists.

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The greatest protection emerges from solidarity, love, mutual aid, unbreakable relationships and strong community underlying all the diversity and differences among those devoted to making a just world. 

Power of Our Attention-
a daily practice

Activist Emotional Support

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Linked activists in line
Linked activists in line


Defending activists requires petitions, rallies, picket lines, strikes, direct action, articles, declarations, banners, murals, medics, legal aid, security marshals, training, digital and physical security, refuges, and much more.

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Protecting Protestors 
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How do people learn to take action against injustice? What environments help young people become willing to stand up and speak out for justice for themselves, their community and the world? What makes some people become activists despite being taught to conform? These are some of the questions we explore in theory and in practice.

Becoming Activists Stories 

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Protect Our Activists is a participant-observer project. Meaning that we are activists ourselves, part of the culture and the movements we focus on. Far from impartial, we are totally partial to, partisans of and participants in the culture and experience of activism. 

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