Want justice, peace and planetary survival?

Then let's protect our activists!

We need a safer climate for activists, who confront the Beast (our multi-oppressive society) every day while living in its belly…

Detective Drunella

How will Protect Our Activists help with that?

Understanding activists and the
activist experience

Promoting truthful
portrayal of our people in fiction

Helping promote a climate of love, understanding and safety for activists, standing up for those who stand up for justice, protecting those who protect the vulnerable.

Detective Drunella

Who exactly are activists and why do they need protecting?

As soon as any of us steps beyond our own private sphere to fight for more justice for our communities–anywhere, at any level–we join the global activist community.

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Detective Drunella

We all need protecting nowadays. Why focus on activists?

Like folks who fight disease or fire, activists are the first responders to injustice. And like these other first responders, activism carries particular risks. 

Juliana Barnet
Detective Drunella

Such as?

beast head

such as Silencing, marginalizing, surveilling, evicting, firing, infiltrating, deporting, de-funding, jailing, maligning, beating, torturing, disappearing, murdering. There’s nothing I won’t do to stop those pesky activists who refuse to behave and give me indigestion.

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That ruthlessness is on top of all the other exploitation and oppression activists experience as part of whatever targeted communities they belong to. 

In fact, activists of those communities are often the most severely targeted, and with the least protections.

Juliana Barnet
sour puss protect our activists

The Beast, by the way, is NOT an animal, just a metaphor for the ruthless, rapacious, irrational, unjust social system activists are trying to change. We animals are a lot smarter than that.

Detective Drunella

So what is Protect Our Activists doing about this?

granny gus protect our activists

Understanding the situation of activists in greater depth, for starters. We explore the nooks and crannies of our experience as activists, to better understand what it means to be an activist. We  interviewing activists (Ask Activists), visit Liberated Zones, and post observations and reflections in the POA Journal. 

Some of our POA Journal Topics:

We’re all potentially activists. An active is anyone who steps beyond their private sphere into any part of the historic, worldwide struggle for a society where everyone is equally valued and no one is oppressed or exploited. 

That’s what we all want, right? Yet instead of being recognized as an indispensable aspect of planetary citizenship, activism is often viewed as weird or worse. It is almost never taught, and generally not encouraged.

But then, activism’s purpose is to overturn the existing oppressive power structure, something those controlling this structure rabidly oppose.

Activism is inspiring and fun, but also full of risks.

Join Protect Our Activists in exploring these risks and how activists face them. Help us promote a climate of love and safety for activists making a safer, better world. 

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