Where are the Social Movements in Fiction?

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Amidst the upsurge of racial justice and other popular movements, where is the fiction showing us the drama and adventure of activism?

The POA Story

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Protect Our Activists is not easily categorized. Here’s some of our story to help place us.

Where’s the Fiction Featuring Activists?

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Where’s the Fiction Featuring Activists? Seven reasons social movements rarely appear in novels and movies  Juliana Barnet When big events hit, people seek perspective in books and movies. Now, for instance, in the midst of the Black Lives Matter uprising, libraries, bookstores, publishers and online streaming services are featuring lists of works headlined “Guides to […]

Give me Fiction Featuring Activists!

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What if, alongside our go-to books and shows, we dose ourselves with fiction that is not only absorbing and entertaining but also portrays people rising up against injustice together?

The Prepa Popular

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From Juliana Barnet’s memoir-novel The Educación of Julia (in progress), the story of becoming a teacher at a radical, student-run high school in Mexico City.

Life in the Liberated Zone

POA Journal Topic POA Journal Topic Life in the Liberated Zone Standing Rock, North Dakota, “liberated zone” in the struggle of  Indigenous peoples and allies to protect their lands and Earth as a whole from the destructive passage of the Dakota Access pipeline. A community of thousands, functioning in a cooperative, grass roots manner, sprang […]

Fair Portrayal Protects Activists

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How does full and fair representation of activists in fiction help protect activists doing their risky work in the belly of the Beast?

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What are Liberated Zones?


What are Liberated Zones? A tent dwelling in Occupy DC, one of the many anti-capitalist communities of the worldwide Occupy Movement that experimented with collective, cooperative means of organizing daily life as they protested inequality. Standing Rock, North Dakota, “liberated zone” in the struggle of  Indigenous peoples and allies to protect Earth and humanity from […]

What is the Beast?

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What is the Beast? “The Beast” is an often-used metaphor for the system of inequality, exploitation, destruction and oppression we live in and struggle against, across history, around the globe, and in our own colonized minds and bodies. Capitalism and imperialism are the Beast, but the Beast also encompasses older social inequalities, irrationalities, isms and […]