Where’s the Fiction Featuring Activists?

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Where’s the Fiction Featuring Activists? Seven reasons social movements rarely appear in novels and movies  Juliana Barnet When big events hit, people seek perspective in books and movies. Now, for instance, in the midst of the Black Lives Matter uprising, libraries, bookstores, publishers and online streaming services are featuring lists of works headlined “Guides to […]

The Prepa Popular

Prepa Popular Fresno

From Juliana Barnet’s memoir-novel The Educación of Julia (in progress), the story of becoming a teacher at a radical, student-run high school in Mexico City.

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What are Liberated Zones?


What are Liberated Zones? A tent dwelling in Occupy DC, one of the many anti-capitalist communities of the worldwide Occupy Movement that experimented with collective, cooperative means of organizing daily life as they protested inequality. Standing Rock, North Dakota, “liberated zone” in the struggle of  Indigenous peoples and allies to protect Earth and humanity from […]

What’s Love got to do with Activist Culture?

What exactly do you mean by love?

We need to understand the nature of love in the activist community, to protect it from the constant attacks of the Beast.

Fiction for Protection?

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Stories connecting people with authentic activist s/heros, showing how they live, love and create movements, can make it harder to marginalize and harm real-life activists.

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Setting out on our quest to see how activists bravely march (and talk, teach, write and sing) through Beastland and manage life while making movements.

A Day in the Life at Standing Rock

Oceti Sakowin

Standing Rock, ND—Native Water Protectors and allies create encampments to sustain a massive anti-pipeline movement in a cooperative, participatory community.

What are liberated zones?

life in the liberated zone what are liberated zones? Explore… LLZ BOOKS BLOG – LLZine LLZ Occasional Updates