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Please lend a hand to our Quest to explore, understand and lift up activist culture and protecting activists…

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We need...

Tea and solidarity

  • I’d love to brainstorm with you about this project or any part that is of interest to you, about possible collaborations, and about your experience as an activist in any of the areas of activist culture raised on this site.

Coaching/handholding in...

  • outreach and promotion

  • event organizing and scheduling

  • social media

  • participatory research

  • website technical assistance

If you can offer any of the above skills, for pay, barter or as a volunteer, please get in touch.

Any hand you lend me will be returned to you filled with...

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Appreciation! Recognition!

Gratitude! Love!

LLZ Points!

Anti-Beast boosts!

For beta testers ...

  • An electronic copy of our full color illustrated novel Zombie Elementary, written and illustrated by 30 third graders, who take on the issue of overcoming mutual prejudices when children and zombies are faced with a common problem. Subscribe for updates on the upcoming Neighborhood Novelists in the Shadow of the Wall project: collective novel-writing with youngsters encamped at the US-Mexico border.
  • An extensive review of the website entitles you to an ebook of Rainwood House Sings, 2nd edition (due out later this year).
  • Plus, everyone who responds with input for the site will be entered into a live online drawing. The winner will be invited choose any graphic on the site to be made into a professionally printed picture.

Plus...part-time paid assistant/intern work:

  • Research for books and articles
  • Event scheduling, organizing, promotion
  • Social media, especially Goodreads, Patreon, Twitter and Facebook
  • Outreach assistance
  • Website maintenance
  • Administration, data entry

Also seeking paid help in:

  • Book promotion
  • Events organizing
  • Translating


If interested...write right now!

No! Stay Away!!


Our favorite fiction is full of police and superheroes. And activists?? Not so much. Let’s seek out stories with activists, the courageous first responders against injustice! And let’s look into why there aren’t more of them.

We’ll ask why activists–when they do appear–are so often shown as unappealing stereotypes, not real people.

Does this matter? If so, what can we do about it?


Preorder Rainwood House Sings

RAINWOOD HOUSE SINGS, a social justice mystery for youth and adults, paints a truthful (with a hint of magic) picture of activists taking on gentrification, police violence, worker rights and cultural divisions; tackling mysteries large and small with creativity, humor and collective action.

  • Print version — 20.00 + S/H
  • ebook — 7.99

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Add your Suggestions to our Fiction Featuring Activists List

The POA Fiction Featuring Activists List is a compilation of works of fiction in which activists and activism play a significant role. Use this form to:

  • Share info for books, movies, TV shows and narrative games with activist characters and stories.
  • Review fiction with a focus on how fully and fairly it portrays activists, using Protect Our Activists’ FFA Test.
  • Nominate a work of fiction featuring activists for our 10 Best and 10 Most In Need Of Improvement Awards!