Life in the Liberated Zone

Liberated Zone flag

Life in the Liberated Zone  explores the spaces activists carve out–liberate!–within the belly of the Beast, to experiment with creating and living the new world now.

Liberated zones can be at many different scales, from a single encampment established to defend a strike or to house folks with no residence, to an entire nation embarked on a socialist project. And many levels in between, including an popular movements that gain control of some territory and begin enacting the changes they are struggling for–equality, participatory democracy, literacy–in the whole society.

Liberated zones likewise exist in an organization or community that is explicitly working to live in real time the change it wants to see, facing the tensions of taking this on in the belly of the Beast.

Oceti Sakowin

A Day in the Life at Standing Rock

Standing Rock, ND—Native Water Protectors and allies create encampments to sustain a massive anti-pipeline movement in a cooperative, participatory community.

globe w flags marking liberated zones

What is Life in the Liberated Zone?

Life in the Liberated Zone What is Life in the Liberated Zone? Around the world and throughout history, people struggling for social justice, and movements