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neighborhood novelists

In the Neighborhood Novelists collaborative creative writing program we write, illustrate and publish collective novels where we create characters who tackle problems we care about. Our stories start in our neighborhood and take off into our imagination.

Neighborhood Novelists has produced and published the collective novels Zombie Elementary and The Imagination Club, with the collaboration of  up to 60 young people, ages 7-11, on each novel.

For more info, or to order one of our books, or to invite Neighborhood Novelists to work with children in your neighborhood, get in touch.


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RAINWOOD HOUSE SINGS, a social justice mystery for youth and adults, paints a truthful (with a hint of magic) picture of activists taking on gentrification, police violence, worker rights and cultural divisions; tackling mysteries large and small with creativity, humor and collective action.

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  • ebook — 7.99

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