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Protecting Activists

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Exploring the on-the-ground experience of protecting activists, individually and as a community: safety, security, speech, jobs, and other basic rights, with special focus on material risks of being misrepresented and misunderstood.

We rely on activists to agitate and organize to protect our world from being plundered, poisoned, broiled, beaten down and blown up. Always the first responders in fighting injustice, activists face all the challenges f daily life in the belly of the Beast they’re battling, PLUS all manner of direct, often violent attacks by forces who fear activists for threatening their power and wealth.

We sum up those forces under the metaphor of The Beast. Just some of what the Beast is constantly doing to activists:

What’s the activist community and friends—presumably everyone aware there is no Planet B—doing about all this? Is it enough? What’s getting in the way?

Protect OUr Activists explores these questions with folks in our global activist community.

Including you! Share your thoughts and experiences,and together we can better protect activists who strive to create a more just, equal and safe society for everyone.

Protecting Activists

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Protecting Activists

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