Welcome folks, folx and FRCCs!

After a lifetime of being an activist and a student of human relations (aka anthropologist), I decided to set out to understand what makes activists tick.

Detective Drunella

Like ticking time bombs?

granny gus protect our activists

Activists get stereotyped as bomb-throwers, but are MUCH more likely to get bombed than be bombers.

sour puss protect our activists

More martinis than molotov cocktails!

granny gus protect our activists
Drunken, disorderly activists is another stereotype. But I mean it literally–activists get targeted with bombs.
Detective Drunella

I’m for solving bombings, but my assignment here is to investigate the stereotypes.

sour puss protect our activists

And fight them! I take them very purrsonally.


I told you we’re setting out to take ém on.

granny gus protect our activists

“”Setting out” means going on a quest.

Detective Drunella

How will we know where to go?


We need a Quest Map.

Detective Drunella

You mean Mapquest?

granny gus protect our activists

No, a map for our quest through Bestilandia exploring the liberatory actions of activists.


Pinpointing details of activist culture.

granny gus protect our activists

Finding activists in fiction.

sour puss protect our activists

And pouncing on stereotypes targeting activists.

granny gus protect our activists

We need our FRCCs along.


Ready when you are!

Detective Drunella

So what is the Quest going after first?


First we need to publish and reach out with this site.

Detective Drunella

I’ll find out who’s interested and investigate places and people to talk to


Cool. And we need to connect with FRCCs to discuss their experience of activist culture.

sour puss protect our activists

I’ll help y’all focus on the conflicts and emotional turmoil.


Um, that’ll be lovely, Sour Puss.

Plus we need to connect with adults and children to discuss and write FFA

Granny Gus

I love to collect, tell and mix up stories showing the fascinating reality of activists experiences.

activist stereotype unmasker

You’ll need my help unmasking all those insidious stereotypes targeting activists.

LLZ Tours Bus

Looks like we’re ready to go!

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Stories of Our People (SOOP)

Sample filled-out FFA Test:
JB tests the movie Billie Elliot

Sample filled-out SOOP Questionnaire:
A few stories and burning questions from JB

Our favorite fiction is full of police and superheroes. And activists?? Not so much. Let’s seek out stories with activists, the courageous first responders against injustice! And let’s look into why there aren’t more of them.

We’ll ask why activists–when they do appear–are so often shown as unappealing stereotypes, not real people.

Does this matter? If so, what can we do about it?


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The POA Fiction Featuring Activists List is a compilation of works of fiction in which activists and activism play a significant role. Use this form to:

  • Share info for books, movies, TV shows and narrative games with activist characters and stories.
  • Review fiction with a focus on how fully and fairly it portrays activists, using Protect Our Activists’ FFA Test.
  • Nominate a work of fiction featuring activists for our 10 Best and 10 Most In Need Of Improvement Awards!